Dr. Rachna

Regenerative Medicine


In early 1990's her pioneering spirit and commitment to optimal patient care inspired Dr. Rachna to skillfully integrate holistic preventative and wellness protocols such as meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques to help achieve successful outcomes in treating chronic pain syndromes. She believes that given the opportunity to make informed choices and simple changes most patients would claim their personal power to create health and wellness rather than maintain limiting patterns and unhealthy conditions. She is one of the few doctors who specialize in Prolotherapy- a natural healing program. Ask us for details!

Conditions we treat:

  • » Fibromyalgia
  • » Chronic Pain Management
  • » Neck and Back pain
  • » Osteoarthritis
  • » Rheumatoid arthritis
  • » Fasciitis, Bursitis, Tendinitis
  • » Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • » Other peripheral nerve entrapments
  • » Osteoporosis
  • » Other Autoimmune diseases

Stem Cell Treatment

A stem cell is basically any cell that can replicate and differentiate which means that the cell can not only multiply but it can turn into different types of tissues. “Adult stem cells” (Non-Embryonic) also known as mesenchymal stem cells already exist in one’s body within different tissues such as bone marrow and fat. As it turns out, body fat is loaded with mesenchymal stem cells; in fact, it has hundreds if not thousands of times more stem cells than bone marrow. Today we have tools that allow us to separate these stem cells from a person’s fatty tissue and inject the harvested cells back into human tissue such as joints, ligaments, and tendons, etc.

The adult human stem cells also called the progenitor cells remain dormant in the fatty tissue till they are called in for repairing the injured tissue. Stem cell procedures are in demand increasingly as more people recognize the complications of surgical procedures and want to avoid surgery. Several athletes and politicians recently have tried stem cell treatment and have experienced miraculous results and they in turn have become proponents of stem cell treatment research.

Stem Cell treatments are minimally invasive and same day office based procedures and therefore qualifies as a procedure meeting FDA’s criteria for office based procedures in medical practice. Although there is enough evidence in scientific literature of the benefit of stem cell treatments especially in the osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and testimonials from satisfied people it is still considered experimental in the US and therefore we can’t claim it as a cure for these illnesses.


Patients undergo complete history and physical exams and old records are reviewed. Patients are then prepped for fat cells harvesting under local anesthesia from the abdominal area, cells are then processed to separate them from all other accompanying tissues and cells using special equipment and injected into the patient within 90 minutes of harvesting. This procedure allows us to harvest 10-40 million stem cells per CC of fat, that have the potential to differentiate into different tissues including bone, cartilage, tendons, other connective tissues, muscles, blood vessels and nerve tissue etc.


Prolotherapy is a natural non-surgical treatment of to body to heal inflamed, injured or weakened parts such as joints, ligaments and tendons by injecting a solution that act like a counter irritant stimulating body's own defense mechanism that prompts the growth of healthy strong tissue at the weakened sites. By replacing the unhealthy tissue pain is alleviated and motion is restored. Prolotherapy is becoming main stream and increasing in demand in place of cortisone shot which over a period of time studies show tends to weaken the area where it is injected. Prolotherapy is a recommended treatment for arthritis, tendinitis, back and neck pain due to disc disease or instability, bursitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injury and more.

The notion of irritating an injured area of the body to heal itself is not new and dates back to ancient Greece.

Prolotherapy technique involves injection of a proliferant (a mild irritating solution- dextrose, phenol, glycerin, serapin, etc) that causes an inflammatory response which stimulates the body's healing process and since a local anesthetic is mixed with the injection there is often no discomfort with the injection. This leads to formation of stronger tissues such as tendons and ligaments which then provide stronger support to the region and alleviating the pain. Most patients require 4-6 treatments to receive results in any given area, although some patients have been known to recover even after just one injection. Treatment is initially given as a weekly injection gradually tapered to 2-4 weeks intervals. If you believe in more holistic natural for of treatment the prolotherapy is highly recommended for you. Please call our office for appointment for prolotherapy.

Platelet rich plasma ( PRP )

PLATELET RICH PLASMA (abbreviated PRP) is the name given to a treatment done to stimulate healing which involves injection of one's own growth factors into injured areas. involves injection of one's own growth factors into injured areas. The process involves taking blood from the patient, spinning it down to growth factor rich platelets, then injecting that back into the injured area. PRP has been used in musculoskeletal medicine as early as the 1990's, and since the 1980's in surgical and dental procedures. Uses for PRP in musculoskeletal medicine include treatment of tendonopathy, tendonosis, acute and chronic muscle strain, ligament sprains and intra-articular injuries and joint pain such as arthritis and knee meniscus damage. The theory and technique behind PRP is similar to that of Prolotherapy (proliferation therapy). Typically Prolotherapy treatments are done first, which often will helps the musculoskeletal problem. But if results from traditional Prolotherapy treatments are not sufficient, PRP may be employed. PRP, like Prolotherapy, is an office procedure. This procedure is available in our office.